Walkny Shoes LLC is a Footwear Business founded by two Turkish-American women in 2019 in New York. The idea was to bring high quality handmade products to those who appreciate art and heritage. All our manufacturing and production takes place in Gaziantep, Turkey that is the birth place of handcrafted leather goods for centuries.

We believe in creativity and values. Walknyshoes are handmade by people who craft in environments of collaboration and respect.

We believe in being natural. Walknyshoes are all leather that is an organic material and good for you and the environment.

We believe in authenticity. Handmade is not mass produced. Each handmade pair is unique and custom and displays the quality of craftsmanship.

We believe in change; change for the better. Walk, feel and observe. Be aware of your surroundings and care for others. Be a better you.