What makes Walknyshoes unique?

  • All shoes are handmade and all materials are natural leather. Walkny shoes offer comfort with style. They are easy to wear and made with  good craftsmanship.

What are they called Yemany shoes? 

  • Yemeni is the original name given to these type of shoes in Southern Anatolia. WALKNY calls them Yemany Shoes after redesigning and restyling them.

Is it true that the shoes disperses sweat and inhibits foot odor?

  • Yes. Because all materials are natural leather and constructed in a traditional way, you do not need to worry about sweat, moisture and odor. You can wear them with or without socks. 

What different materials are used in making these shoes?

  • Either Leather or Kutnu Fabric are used depending on the style you pick. For upper; leather options also include suede, nubuck and printed. Outsole and insoles are from cowhide. The inner lining is lambskin that makes it soft and breathable.

Why are the colors of insole and inner lining do not match?

  • The materials used are undyed, all with their natural color. 

What is Kutnu Fabric?

  • Kutnu is a woven textile made with silk warps (vertical yarns) and cotton wefts (horizontal yarns). The most common types has a shiny surface and vertical stripes. The art of weaving kutnu is only practiced in Gaziantep-Turkey.

How does sizing and fit run for Walknyshoes?

  • We use US shoe-sizing. The width is standard-medium. They fit true-to-size. Please check our sizing guide to see all the measurements before your order.

How should I care for Kutnu ?

  • Kutnu is fabric woven of cotton and silk. Please be gentle but yet it is a very durable fabric because of its high thread count. If it gets wrinkly please gently touch up with water and it will smooth away.

Is it normal to feel the cotton twines, they are kind of rough?

  • It is perfectly normal to feel the cotton twines on feet for a couple of days. They will settle in and soften after a few days.

There are holes and some stains on my insoles, why is that?

  • The insoles are natural cowhide leather, neither colored nor treated so discolorations occur naturally. The holes are tack holes and if you watch the video, you will see that the tack holes are the little proofs that they are handmade.

Are they orthopedic?

  • The shoes have no arch support or heels, they are comfortable flat shoes and they are designed to hold your orthotic insoles if you have to use them.


 What are the shipping options?

  • Please check our shipping page for all options.

 What is your return and exchange policy?

  • If you are not satisfied with your Walknyshoes, we will gladly accept a return or exchange of your unworn Walknyshoes within 60 days of delivery of your order. For further information please read Return and Exchange Policy.

How can I track my order?

  • We will email you a shipping confirmation with your tracking number as soon as the order goes out.